Monday, April 26, 2010


Back at sea, and back to the routines of the seas. Get up, swab deck. Eat breakfast. Get five lashes because there is poop on the poop deck, when there was none before. (Stupid Polly Parrot poo, that is) Get salve from the kitchen for all the lashes. Sew up tears in sails, and clean them. Get 5 more lashes because the parrot poo-ed on the fresh cleaned sails when I'mn't looking. Get more salve from the kitchens, and eat lunch while you are there. Clean Cap'n's cabin. And don't forget the lashes for the stupid parrot poo on the Cap'n's pillow, just because she always does that. Then clean the men's clothes, and lashes, parrot poo, of course. Don't forget to mention that there was no parrot poo anywhere before I did anything, of course, but I'm still responsible. For the captain's parrot pooing. I hope there is a way to get away from this life. If  Lyoness's parents will let her follow me from port to port, maybe I can live with them!
(Total lashes per day: 20)

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