Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am a FREAK!! I met Lyoness yesterday. She seemed normal at first! Other than the hair and skin clash, of course, but I thought it beautiful... No.  She is freakish too. She took off her ring. THen her clothes  were replaced by a lacy tank top and a purple scaly fish tail.  It was, admittedly, beautiful, just like the rest of her, but, still! A FISH TAIL. Then, in my disbelieving state, I removed MY ring. My clothes disappeared entirely, and I was left bare chested, with a gleaming navy blue tail. A TAIL! OH MY GAD. I immediately replaced my ring, and was once more clothed, and then I sprinted off. I don't want this! This is unnatural. O am a normal boy. I want a normal girlfriend. Not a fish-girlfriend. Okay, so she wasn't my girlfriend, but maybe... eventually... No. Not now. I cannot be hers. She will never see me again, and the pain will go away. GO AWAY, you hear? IT WILL!

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